Release Notes

* Fixed the bug that duplicate track group crashes
* Added confirmation when close TrackVis window (to prevent accidental closing of scene without saving it).

version 0.5.2
* Added command-line tool track_vis
* Fixed ROI loading issue.
* Fixed Scene loading issue.
* Fixed various bugs on Mac OS X Lion.
* A few minor tweaks and fixes.
* Mac OS X 10.4 is no longer supported.

version 0.5.1
* Added option to display ROI as voxel blocks instead of smoothed surface.
* Added save all end points function.
* A few bug fixes.

version 0.5 
* New field added in .trk file header. A 4x4 rotation matrix from voxel to RAS 
  coordinate is saved in the header.
* Able to load segmentation volume with a look up table. ROI can be created based 
  on the segmentation.
* Able to save trackgroup as VTK file in RAS coordinate so that it can be loaded
  in other VTK compatible visualization software.
* Added "Save all trackgroups" option. 
* Added "Save all ROIs" option.
* Remembers the current working scene file once it is being saved. No need to type
  in scene filename repeatly.
* Fixed the bug that when saving trackgroup as nifti volume, the coordinate 
  information was partially missing in the header.
* A few minor bug fixes.

version 0.4.4 
* Added save scene and roi function. no need to keep entering filenames as in 'save as'.
* Bug fix on ROI filter that may drop positive selection in some rare cases.
* Bug fix on inconsistent stats that happens with very short tracks.
* A few minor bug fixes.

version 0.4.3
* Added save track file function. Scalars can be saved back into new track file.
* Added AND/OR/NOT operators for slice filter and ROI filter.
* Added 64-bit support for Linux and Mac OS X (10.5.x and higher).
* Allow starting new instance of trackvis without checking existing one (Linux only).
* Save and recover scene automatically.
* New direct copy style installer for Mac OS X. No admin privilege required.
* Fixed the bug of incorrect helix angle color coding.
* Fixed the bug that program crashes when reloading scenes repeatedly (Linux only).
* Fixed the bug on disk filter.
* No more Mac OS X 10.3 support.

version 0.4.2
* Fixed the bug that stats shown in the main panel and in the Stats window are 

version 0.4.1
* Networking function is available to public.
* Fixed the bug for incorrect helix angle color coding.
* Fixed the bug that program does not start in some Mac G5 machines.
* Fixed the bug that some ROI files created with 3rd party programs do not load. 

version 0.4
* Support nifti image format.
* Can load color FA map.
* Can export histogram data from Stats window.
* Improved auto window level.
* Scalar bar display.
* Re-organized overview layout.
* A few minor bug fixes.

version 0.3.2 (2007.05.03)
* Initial public release

Diffusion Toolkit
* Fixed the bug that vox2ras matrix sometimes was not saved correctly in DSI/Qball track files.

version 0.6
* Added support for more flexible gradient table format (DTI only). b0 (0, 0, 0)  
  vector as well as b values (as 4th component) can be included in gradient table. 
  Thus, it allows reconstructing data with multiple high b values.
* Added option to track by 2nd or 3rd eigenvector (DTI only).
* Added track_merge command-line tool. 

version 0.5
* Added BCC DSI table (124 directions).
* Improved track_transform tool. It resamples a track file into a new one with given 
  registration matrix.
* Added track_info command-line tool. 
* Removed the annoying debug information from nifti libs (hopefully).

* Fixed the bug that background of FA map was not correctly removed in dti_recon

version 0.4.4
* Takes multi-NEX Siemens data
* Bug fix on "can not read reconstruction matrix error" that happened sometime during 
  DSI reconstruction.
* A few minor bug fixes.

version 0.4.3
* FA/ADC maps are saved as real values now (no scale factor applied).
* Added random seeding option for tracking.
* Added 64-bit support for Linux and Mac OS X (10.5.x and higher).
* A few minor bug fixes.
* No more Mac OS X 10.3 support.

version 0.4.2
* Fixed the bug sometimes unable to read 4D Nifti/Analyze raw data when the filename 
  ends with numbers.

version 0.4.1
* Re-ordered odf/max format for faster I/O and easier to create by advanced users. 
  Most users will not be affected by this change. Only those who are interested in 
  creating their own odf/max files please refer to data format section of 
  Diffusion Toolkit documentation online for further information.
* Fixed the bug that on some Mac G5 machine, reconstruction/fiber tracking 
  sometimes stuck.

version 0.4
* Full nifti format support. Nifti is the default format now.
* Option to select line propagation algorithm for tracking.
* Option to select output image format (Nifti is recommended!).
* Option to use second mask.
* Option to keep converted image data from DICOM.
* Option to preview script to run.
* Option to set cache directory.
* A few minor bug fixes.

version 0.2.2
* Initial public release